Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girl Pushed, Mom Approved

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After Googling gift ideas for my favorite pre-teen this spring, I didn’t want to wait until Christmas to tell you about a list of “Girl Pushed, Mom Approved” products and brands recommended by 108 members of

(AllyKatzz just happens to be the country’s largest and only Children’s On-line Protection Agency’s compliant safe social networking site for tweenage girls.)

Gift Cards to favorite retailers topped the “Girl Pushed” list, followed by music/CDs. Moms, of course, loved Disney CDs the best. Many of the tweens did, too. If you have questions about music choices, specifically whether lyrics are appropriate for your tween or not, you can easily find them on-line. You know, Google it! Some retailers, including on-line stores, will also allow you to test before you buy.

Not surprisingly Ipod or MP3 players also topped the list. The big winner was Ipod Touch ($229) and Nano ($149). The first Ipod we gave Addy was the Shuffle. Although it has no screen or way to track songs you are playing, it’s more affordable for a first-time gift ($49).

Another favorite gift item was clothing, followed closely by books. Of course, seeing books make the top five made my day. For tweens in late 2008 Twilight, The Clique Series, Dear Dumb Diary, Beacon Street Girls, Petty Little Liars, Nancy Drew and Wicked seemed to be the most popular. Another popular gift request, and it was first on Addy’s list for this year birthday wishes, was a mobile phone. Neither girls nor moms seem to care about the brand. For mom, it was more of practical nature…“what plan are we currently on?” For daughter, it was more about features and color. Pink topped the list and girls listed keyboards and texting capabilities as a must have.

Another favorite listed by girls is a laptop computer. Although many moms reported they approved a laptop purchase, they simply were making other less expensive choices. And hopefully, for those girls who do receive a laptop for their next birthday gift, a conscious parent will be aware of wireless network capabilities and require the computer stay in common areas of the house.

Finishing off the list were cosmetics and hair accessories, video games and systems, digital cameras and DVDs such as Camp Rock and High School Musical.

And although it’s not a birthday gift recommendation, I do have a great tween product recommendation to include.

I had been searching for “bladeless” shaving alternatives for my daughter (chemical hair remover products were too strong and caused rashes. Laser and waxing, which I really like to use, were not “my-child-friendly” options) when my friend and hairstylist asked me, “Have you seen those commercials on TV about the Smooth Away pads that remove hair?”

“Yes, but I don’t believe them.”

“They actually work,” she said. “I will never use a razor again.”

I discovered my local Walgreen’s and Sally’s carried them, and I could also order them on-line. The next day I purchased the pad and the sheets (all under $15) and we tried it out.

The product worked!

No mess, no rashes, no cuts. Smooth Away is an excellent product for pre-teens. It’s safe and gets the job done effectively. The one drawback is time, but can be done while watching TV, talking to friends or reading a book. How does it work? The pad is covered with a sheet of superfine crystals that buffs away unwanted hair while exfoliating skin.

Although we have since switched to a more traditional way to remove hair, I will always be grateful for Smooth Away and I highly recommend it for pre-teens.
Allyn Evans

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