Sunday, February 3, 2008

Have You Seen MTV Lately?

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There will be much more written on this subject. I promise. MTV is not what it used to be. I started watching the cable channel at its inception. Oh yes, they mostly played music videos. Today's MTV is different.

Today's MTV is all about the reality TV shows. A recent show featured Tila Tequila (who holds bragging rights for having the biggest audience at one time) and her search for a mate. What viewers didn't learn until after the show debuted was that Tila is bi-sexual. Her prospects on the show included boys and girls and we, the viewing audience, got to see it all. In the end, she selected a male candidate to be her beau.

One afternoon, I was in the car with a friend and our three children. I was whispering to her about the show. She had no idea and I knew her 12-year-old daughter was a regular viewer of MTV. Turns out her 10-year-old son was listening to us, "Oh yes, I've seen that show. She kissed girls and boys. They swam in a giant champagne glass. Yuck. Gross." She had no idea that her son also watched.

All I can say, Moms, is that information is power. Whether you choose to ban it, block it, share your disapproval or watch it with your child (to help explain or negate the impact), knowing gives you the power of choice.