Saturday, February 2, 2008

Parent/Child Cell Phone Agreement

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If you'd like to use this for your own child, simply copy and paste the information in a Word document. You have to reformat it. If you have trouble with it, I can always email you one! The beauty of this is that once you have it in a Word document, you can adjust it to fit your individual needs. For example, you can list specific chores and name the location the phone will be stored nightly.


In exchange for being given a cell phone by my parents, I agree to:

Do weekly chores agreed upon.

Keep my phone in a specified place (name here) when it is not in use.

Not use my phone after 9:00 p.m. (pick the time that works for your family)

Use my phone in the main living areas of our home.

Charge my battery and turn my phone off so that it will not ring or beep in the night.

Take my cell phone with me so I can be reached at any time.

Answer every time that my parents call me.

Not alter any settings on my phone without permission, which includes not setting a password.

Not download free ringtones from the Internet without permission because I understand that this is how telemarketers capture cell phone numbers.

Not to forward jokes or generic messages to others unless given permission. It could cost them money!

Be mindful of our user plan and will abide by the limits on texting and other services like Internet access.

Pay for any costs charged to my parents because of something I do, even if I didn't mean to do it.

Not to use my cell phone during school hours.

NEVER use my cell phone to break any laws at school, at home or anywhere.

NEVER use my cell phone to be hurtful to another person.

NEVER text anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting on a bulletin board or showing my parents.

NEVER talk or respond to people I don’t know who call or text me. And if this does happen, I will report it to my parents.

In addition, I am aware my parents will monitor my cell phone usage activities. And that my parents have the right to change our agreement at any time. My parents have also explained to me that I have the right to review or discuss it with them.

Child’s Signature Date

Parent or Caregiver’s Signature Date

Parent or Caregiver’s Signature Date