Monday, February 14, 2011

Cell Phone and Internet Use Agreements for Caregivers

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RESOURCES and TOOLS for Parents (Internet Safety)

Cell phone and Internet Use Agreements:
If you'd like a copy of a parental/child agreement for cell phone or Internet use, please email me. Write "Send me parental agreements" in subject line.

For other resources you might find helpful, keep reading:

Parenting Online Guide by

Definitions of Technology Terms Used

Email for kids:
For instructions on signing up for gmail

Need help counteracting a cyberbully? Visit:

If you need more than on-line help, call the hotline. For more info
about their services, visit:

For more Short Message Service lingo, visit:

Reviews of best cell phones for children:

Reviews of best parental control software products:

Another parental control product to check out:

Signing up for Google Alerts: For instructions on how to set up, visit:

Search engines for kids:, and

For Chapter on Determining Your Values from the yet-to-be-released:
(retitled) Helping Your Daughter Live a Powerful Life, visit:

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